Always wanted to write a novel? Short on time or inspiration? Surrounded by angry marmots and need something to throw at them? This is the book for you! The 2014 Revised and Expanded Edition contains almost 100 new tips from NaNoWriMo veterans, along with new pep talks and bits of noveling advice from NaNoWriMo superstars Sara Gruen, Erin Morgenstern, Marissa Meyer, Gayle Brandeis, Rachael Herron, Lani Diane Rich, Julia Crouch, and Elizabeth Haynes. You can pick it up at Powell'sAmazon, or your favorite neighborhood bookstore! You can also get autographed copies from the NaNoWriMo shop. Now available in French as well! 


For folks who love to plan their prose adventures, this is the greatest novel-prep workbook in history. I co-authored it with NaNoWriMo's Lindsey Grant and Tavia Stewart-Streit. It contains dozens of fun activities and exercises to help you figure out everything you need to know about your upcoming masterwork. It also features an award-winning coloring section in the back that lets you procrastinate on your planning by coloring Gustave Flaubert's mustache! Available at Powell'sAmazon, or autographed from the NaNoWriMo shop.